The Clean Energy Advisory Board is established as an advisory board in the executive branch of state government. The purpose of the Board is to establish a pilot program for disbursing loans or rebates for the installation of solar energy infrastructure in low-income and moderate-income households through the "Low-to-Moderate Income Solar Loan and Rebate Fund". 

 The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy provides a Low-Income Energy Affordability Data Tool (LEAD) designed to help create better energy strategies and programs by improving their understanding of low income housing and energy characteristics. View the LEAD tool here »


Photo credit: GRID Alternatives

The Clean Energy Advisory Board Members:

  • Carmen M. Bingham
    Virginia Poverty Law Center

  • Katharine Bond
    Vice President, Public Policy & State Affairs
    Dominion Energy

  • Taylor Brown
    Sun Tribe Solar

  • Sam Brumberg

  • Al Christopher
    Ex-Officio Member and Agency Designee
    State Energy Office Director, Virginia Energy

  • Will Cleveland
    Lighthouse Policy and Law, PLC

  • Kendyl Crawley Crawford
    Council on Environmental Justice

  • Kwasi Fraser
    Former Mayor of Purcellville; President, Guyana Infrastructure Consortium

  • William Greenleaf
    Energy Loan Officer
    Virginia Community Capital

  • Kirk Johnson
    Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

  • Douglas E. Lamb,

  • Taylor Williams,
    Principal and Co-Founder, Spy Rock Real Estate Group

  • Vacant
    Rooftop Solar Energy Professional or Representative

  • Vacant
    Managing Director-Homeownership
    VA Housing Development Authority

  • Vacant
    Designee of Department of Housing and Community Development

  • Vacant
    Attorney with the Division of Consumer Counsel

  • Vacant
    Renewable Energy Law and Transaction Attorney

  • Committee Membership

    Listed PDF here.