Virginia’s coal miners reported production of 10.2 million short tons of bituminous coal in 20221, down about 15 percent from the production reported in 2021. Underground mining accounted for about 75 percent of Virginia’s coal output. Virginia's production ranked 11th highest in the nation out of 22 coal-producing states. The estimated value of coal produced in 2022 is $1.36 billion.

Locations of coal-producing regions in Virginia

Coal production and value in Virginia

1Coal production is reported in annual tonnage reports to Virginia Energy and may differ from the production figures reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). For 2022, the EIA preliminary estimate of Virginia's production is 10.7 million short tons.

Coal deposits occur in three main regions in Virginia: the Southwest Virginia Coalfield, Valley Coalfields, and the Eastern Coalfields.

In the southwestern region of the state, the Southwest Virginia Coalfield contains extensive deposits of low- to medium-volatile bituminous coal hosted by Pennsylvanian-age (about 299 to 323 million years old) sedimentary rocks (Nolde, 1994).

Belt line at Deep Mine 41, Dickenson County

Belt line at Deep Mine 41, Dickenson County

The Valley Coalfields include eleven distinct areas in the Valley and Ridge geologic province containing coals that range from medium-volatile bituminous to semi-anthracite in rank (Brown and others, 1952; Campbell and others, 1925). These coal deposits are hosted by sedimentary rocks of Early Mississippian age (about 323 to 360 million years old).

Locations of coal-producing regions in Virginia
Locations of coal-producing regions in Virginia.

The coal mined in the Southwest Virginia Coalfield is well suited for a variety of primary uses including electricity generation (steam coal), manufacturing coke (metallurgical coal), and supplying other industrial (non-coke), commercial and institutional users.  Coal is delivered mainly by rail and truck to major electrical utility generating plants and steel-manufacturing facilities located in the Eastern and Midwestern United States.  Coal is also transported by rail to Hampton Roads, Virginia, the largest coal export terminal in the United States, where it is shipped to international consumers.

Year of first production in Virginia: 1748
Location of first production: Richmond area
Number of operations producing coal in Virginia: 136
Counties in Virginia where coal is currently produced: Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Tazewell, Wise
Number of companies:56
Quantity produced in 2022:   10.2 million short tons
Estimated market value: $1.36 billion
Total cumulative production: 2.73 billion short tons

Coal In Virginia Fact Sheet

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