Virginia Solar Energy Development and Energy Storage Authority

In 2015, the Virginia General Assembly created the Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority (the Authority) — under Title 45.2 , Code of Virginia — for the purposes of facilitating, coordinating and supporting the development, either by the Authority or by other qualified entities, of the solar energy industry and solar energy projects. Learn more.


  • Skyler Zunk, Chair
    CEO and Founder
    Energy Right

  • Paul Duncan, Vice Chair
    MPR Associates, Inc.

  • Katharine Bond
    Vice President of Public Policy, State, and Local Affairs
    Dominion Energy

  • Jo Anne Webb
    General Partner
    Scott Timberland Co., LP

  • Rumy Mohta
    CEO, ATLAS Ventures

  • Michael Herbert
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder
    Delorean Power

  • Michael Walsh
    Shearman & Sterling LLP

  • Colleen A. Lueken, Ph.D
    Director of Market Development
    AES Corporation

  • Gregory Habeeb
    Gentry Locke

  • Harrison Godfrey
    Executive Director
    Virginia Advanced Energy Economy

  • Robert Birdsey
    Managing Director
    Green Front Energy

  • Staff Contact

  • Ken Jurman
    Renewable Program Manager
    Virginia Department of Energy