Geology and Mineral Resources provides geologic, energy, and mineral resource information to its customers. This information is available for free download or for purchase in the form of physical geologic maps, geologic reports, and digital data.

Our data is searchable using:

  • Webmap: Our interactive mapping application where items that are spatially represented can be discovered.
  • VGIC: Our text based query tool searches our collections by county, quadrangle and keyword.
  • ReSciCol: USGS Registry of Scientific Collections application allows users to search our uploaded collections by keyword or location.
  • Web Store: Our publications and maps can be searched by publication type and keyword.
  • Find My Map: Our mapping application to help you find available maps in our webstore.

Our collections are represented in the table below where youcan determine the best searching method for your needs.

# Records
Aerial Photographs 7,622       Catalog
Abandoned Mineral Mine Lands 3,300 View/Download View   Catalog/Download
Borehole Data 1,800       Catalog
Carbonate Sample Analyses 5,400   View   Catalog
Clay Sample Analyses 870   View   Catalog
Coal Quality Data 375   View   Catalog
Core Repository 447   View   Catalog
Critical Minerals 18       Catalog
Economic Geology Mineral Resources Files 9,500     Catalog/Download
Field Maps 670   View   Catalog/Download
Field Notebooks 135       Catalog/Download
Geologic Sections (VDOT Composite Sheets) 5,500       Catalog/Download
Geophysical Data 1,734 View/Download     Catalog
Historic Topographic Maps 640       Catalog/Download
Historic Uranium Exploration Information 1,500       Catalog
Images 14,463       Catalog/Download
Mineral Resources of Virginia (MRV) 10,442 View/Download     Catalog
Morefield Mine Historical Collection 12,581       Catalog
New Jersey Zinc Company Historical Collection 12,581       Catalog
Oil and Gas Well Cuttings 7,376       Catalog
Outer Continental Sand Resources 6,273      
Paleontological (Fossils) 1,100       Catalog/Download
Publications 5,200 View/Download View View/Download Catalog/Download
Rock Repository 7,500   View   Catalog
Silica Sample Analyses 51       Catalog
Sinkhole Maps 336 View/Download     Catalog
Thin Sections 4,525       Catalog
UVA Mineral and Rock Specimens 6,273       Catalog

Geographic Information System

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  • Query capability
  • Data extraction

Virginia Geological Information Catalog

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  • Text-based searching
  • Printable PDF reports

Registry of Scientific Collections

  • Metadata records
  • PURL references

Web Store
Purchase and Free Downloads

  • Purchases online only
  • PDF downloads
  • Local Pickup Mon-Thurs 10AM-3PM

Find My Map App
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