Completed Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Projects

Country Cabin Picture
Country Cabin II Facility Improvements
Wise County
Grant: Recipient: Appalachian Traditions, Inc.
2018 Funds Awarded: $47,420

Already capitalizing on traditional mountain music, the Country Cabin II can now offer more opportunities for visitors with a year-round venue. The music venue is located on a reclaimed abandoned mine land and AMLER Program dollars was spent on insulation and paneling for the interior walls and sealing the floor. The completion of this project has created an increase of marketability for the venue. Weddings, reunions, birthday celebrations and high school proms have been or are scheduled to be held at the County Cabin II Facility.

Cranes Nest Picture
Cranes Nest Trail & Portal Closure
Dickenson County
Grant: Recipient: Dickenson County
2017 Funds Awarded: $711,100

This project has closed nine AML portals and the old mine access road has been improved and connected with the existing Cranesnest multi-use hiking/biking/equestrian trail. The trail now extends 3.5 miles to a campground maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers on the Cranesnest River in Dickenson County.

Project Reclaim Picture
Project Reclaim
Russell County
Grant Recipient: Russell County Reclamation, LLC
2017 Funds Awarded: $3,199,553
2018 Funds Awarded: $1,645,340

Project Reclaim is a 67-acre industrial site. The project is close to rail, has access to electricity and substations, a developed road, and existing natural gas and water supplies. Various old structures from previous mining were removed and the land reclaimed to support future development of an industrial site.

Splashdam Waterline Extension Picture
Splashdam Waterline Extension
Dickenson County
Grant Recipient: Dickenson County Public Service Authority
2018 Funds Awarded: $356,500

This project saw public water made available to a campground in Haysi through AMLER program funds. The infrastructure installed also serves 11 homes and a church. Access to reliable public water has enabled development of additional campsites and a bathhouse at the Thunder River Campground. The campground is on previously mined land next to the Russell Fork River and hosts visitors hoping to hit the ATV trails, go fishing, raft or kayak, visit Breaks Interstate Park, and enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian mountains.