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Spacer ImageReport of Investigations 016: Geology of the Martinsville West quadrangle, Virginia
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by J.S. Conley and E.C. Toewe, 44 pages, map in color, 14 figures, 1 table, 1968. Map shows the geology and mineral resources of the Martinsville West 7.5-minute quadrangle. Martinsville West is located in west-central Henry County in the southwestern Piedmont of Virginia. The bedrock in this quadrangle consists of Precambrian or Cambrian rocks of the inner Piedmont belt, the Late Paleozoic Leatherwood granite and Rich Acres Norite, and Late Triassic diabase dikes. The major structure in the area is the nose and east limb of a northeastward plunging syncline. Crushed stone, sand and gravel, mica and magnetite have been produced in this quadrangle. Map includes cross-sections.
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