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Spacer ImageReport of Investigations 010: Geology of the Dillwyn Quadrangle, Virginia
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by W.R. Brown, 6 x 9-inch soft-cover book, 77 pages, 1 plate includes folded 21 x 31-inch color 1:62,500-scale geologic map, 29 figures, 1 table, 1969. Report describes the stratigraphy, structure, metamorphism, economic geology, and geologic history of the Dillwyn 15-minute quadrangle in Buckingham, Fluvanna, and Cumberland counties. The economic geology section provides a detailed description of the slate and kyanite mining industries at the time of publication. Piedmont igneous and metamorphic rocks, Blue Ridge cover rocks, Triassic-age sedimentary rocks, and recent alluvium delineated on geologic map with cross-section. Map depicts abandoned mines and prospects for gold, copper, and iron. Rock compositions based on thin section petrography are included.
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