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Spacer ImageReport of Investigations 043: Bouguer gravity in Virginia, 36°30' to 38°00 'N., 80°00' to 81°00' W
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by S.S. Johnson, 25 pages, 2 maps (1 in color), 2 figures, 1976. The area of this gravity report consists of approximately 3,850 square miles in Virginia, bounded by 80 degrees and 81 degrees west longitude, the Virginia-West Virginia state line to the north and the Virginia-North Carolina boundary to the south. The survey included areas in the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Valley and Ridge physiographic provinces. Gravity methods are used predominantly in regional surveys to help determine the location of anomalous areas that may be further investigated by geological and other geophysical techniques. Correlation was found to exist between the gravity anomalies and geological structure.
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