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Spacer ImagePublication 071: Geology of the Virginia Portion of the Flat Gap Quadrangle
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by J.E. Nolde, W.W. Whitlock, and J.A. Lovett, folded 42 x 39-inch color 1:24,000-scale map with accompanying cross sections, stratigraphic column, and text, 1988. Describes the geology of a portion of Wise County in the southwest Virginia coalfields of the Appalachian Plateaus. Stratigraphy of the area includes rocks of the Mississippian-age Bluestone Formation and Pennsylvanian-age Lee, Norton, Wise, and Harlan Formations. The nearly flat lying rocks have been deformed by the Buck Knob anticline and the Middlesboro syncline and are underlain by the Pine Mountain overthrust (in cross-section only). Includes range of thickness for economically valuable coal beds from the Kennedy coal bed near the base of the Norton Formation up to the No. 13 coal bed of the Harlan Formation. There are brief descriptions of coking operations, oil and gas, and sandstone resources of the area.
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