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Spacer ImagePublication 146: Coal, oil and gas, and industrial and metallic mineral industries in Virginia, 1995
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by P.C. Sweet and J.E. Nolde, 27 pages, 14 figures, 12 tables, 1997. This publication provides mineral resource production quantity and value data, along with text summaries for the fuels and non-fuels minerals industries in Virginia for 1995. Major sectors include coal, oil and gas, and 21 industrial and metallic commodities. In 1995, total value of mineral production in Virginia was almost 1.56-billion dollars -- made up of about 951-million dollars from coal, about 87-million dollars from crude oil and natural gas, and about 517-million dollars from production of industrial rocks and minerals. Various figures and tables provide production and value statistics, graphical presentation of long-term production and value trends, and detailed data for the 1995 production year.
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