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Spacer ImagePublication 170: Geology of Rockbridge County, Virginia
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Gerald P. Wilkes, Edgar W. Spencer, Nick H. Evans, and Elizabeth V. M. Campbell, folded 40 x 59-inch color 1:50,000-scale geologic map, 2007. Bedrock geologic map with alluvium deposits for Rockbridge County, Virginia with two cross-sections. Rockbridge County, located in west-central Virginia, includes portions of the Blue Ridge and the Valley and Ridge geologic provinces. Proterozoic igneous and metamorphic rocks are exposed in the Blue Ridge. In the Valley and Ridge sequences of marine sandstone, shale, and carbonate rocks are exposed. Map has locations of active, and inactive mines and quarries and prospects for aggregate, agricultural lime, dimension stone, sand for glassware and metallurgical flux, clay materials, manganese, iron, tin, zinc, lead, and gold.
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