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Spacer ImagePublication 028: Lineament and Fracture Trace Analysis and Its Application to Oil Exploration in Lee County, Virginia
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by T.M. Gathright, Jr., 8.5 x 11-inch soft-cover book, 40 pages, 21 plates include black and white 1:62,500-scale photo-reduced lineament maps, 17 figures, 1 table, 1981. Study of the relationship of oil production and oil occurrence to lineaments and fracture patterns in Lee County, Virginia is examined to assess the relative value of LANDSAT imagery as an oil exploration tool. Lineaments and fracture patterns were derived from LANDSAT imagery and from air photos. The geology of the oil fields and construction and production data for 102 oil wells form the data base for evaluating the relationships between lineament trends and distributions of oil production and occurrence. LANDSAT lineament maps and air photo lineament maps were prepared for Lee County using 21 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles. Analyses included plotting lineament population densities and trend distributions as Cartesian diagrams, histograms and rose diagrams, and calculating air photo/LANDSAT lineament population ratios for each of the four structural sub-provinces in the county area. The production of individual wells and the trends of lineaments (fracture traces) and distances to them indicate that LANDSAT lineament maps derived from multiseasonal enhanced scenes or from enhanced scenes having high sun angles are useful tools in structural analysis and, therefore, in petroleum exploration. These maps do not provide the cartographic accuracy that is needed for siting test wells nor do they provide lineament population densities that correlate adequately with air-photo-derived lineament population densities.
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