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Spacer ImageBulletin 083: Geologic Studies, Coastal Plain of Virginia
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R.H. Teifke, Emil Onuschak, Jr., two 6 x 9-inch soft cover books, 153 pages, 16 plates include 1:925,000-scale (approximate) structure contour and isopach maps, 11 figures, three tables, 1973. Part 1. Stratigraphic units of the Lower Cretaceous through Miocene series, provides a detailed description of the Lower Cretaceous through Miocene age sedimentary rocks in the Coastal Plain of Virginia, including the Patuxent, Mattaponi, Nanjemoy, Calvert, and Yorktown formations. Detailed geologic logs, structural contour maps, and isopach maps for several formations are included. Part 2. Paleogeology of Early Cretaceous through Miocene time, discusses basement characteristics and tectonic factors that influenced sediment distribution in the early Cretaceous through the Miocene. This report includes five paleostructure maps. Part 3. Pleistocene-Holocene environmental geology, describes Pleistocene to Holocene age sediments and groups these sediments into trangressive marine, fluvial-estuarine, fluvial and marine-estuarine depositional systems. The characteristics of these systems and their influence on environment and land use are discussed. Maps showing the distribution of these systems, land capability and an inventory of mineral resources are included.
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