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Spacer ImageBulletin 042: Geologic Map of the Appalachian Valley in Virginia
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by Charles Butts, black and white 45 x 64-inch 1:250,000-scale map, includes 18 structure sections, an explanation, and a 1”=1000’ generalized columnar section for the “Appalachian Valley and Appalachian Ridges in Virginia”, 1933 (reprint 1992). Based on field work by Charles Butts, 1926-1931, assisted by R. P. Meachum, Wade Safford, C.R.L. Oder, Benjamin Gildersleeve, and R.S. Edmundson in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey. Areas include the entire Valley and Ridge province in Virginia from the border of West Virginia, in the northeast, to Tennessee, in the southwest. Detailed descriptions of the geology and rock units shown on this map can be found in the companion publication, Bulletin 52 of the Virginia Division of Mineral Resources, “Geology of the Appalachian Valley in Virginia”, by Charles Butts.
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