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Spacer ImagePublication 101: Travertine-marl: stream deposits in Virginia
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by J.S. Herman and D.A. Hubbard, Jr., editors, 184 pages, a collection of 16 papers by various authors, 1990. The Appalachian Valley and Ridge province in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania has proven to be a scientifically fertile environment for advancing the knowledge and understanding of the geology of travertine-marl. With an emphasis on Virginia, this publication is a comprehensive collection of research papers that includes an overview of the volume and 15 papers on various aspects of travertine-marl. Intended to serve both the specialist and generalist, papers include detailed geologic and geochemical descriptions of specific sites in Virginia, invited contributions on similar deposits in other localities, economic geology aspects, and general reference papers that discuss age dating techniques and the algal flora of travertine. Each paper includes an abstract, topical discussion, various maps and tables, and list of references cited.
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