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Spacer ImagePublication 046: Coal-bed Methane Resource Evaluation Montgomery County, Virginia
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by C.B. Stanley and A.P. Schultz, 8.5 x 11-inch soft-cover book, 59 pages, 18 figures, 6 tables, 1983. Report on three diamond core holes drilled in Montgomery County, Virginia to assess the coalbed methane resource of the Mississippian coals in the Price and Maccrady Formations (portion of the Valley Coalfields) near Blacksburg, Virginia. Regional and local geology of the area, the thicknesses, elevations, and gas contents of the coals encountered, and a preliminary economic feasibility analysis are reported. Includes description of drilling of each well, and a detailed lithologic description of the core recovered from the three test wells. Full suite of wireline geophysical logs (normal resistivity, spontaneous potential, natural gamma, gamma-gamma density, neutron, caiiper, acoustic velocity, acoustic televiewer, and pulse temperature) were run on the two deeper wells by the USGS.
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