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Spacer ImageMineral Resources Report 003: Mica and Feldspar Deposits of Virginia
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by W.R. Brown, 6 x 9-inch soft-cover book, 195 pages, 24 plates, 17 figures, 9 tables, 1962. A comprehensive review of mica and feldspar deposits in Virginia is divided into four main sections that include: (1) a summary of historic mining and production; (2) geologic origin, mineralogy, zoning, and mode of emplacement of pegmatites; (3) valuable pegmatite minerals especially mica and feldspar, but also including gemstones, beryl, quartz, among others; and (4) detailed descriptions of mines and prospects in 14 main areas in Amelia, Bedford, Franklin, Goochland, Hanover, Henry, and Powhatan counties of the Piedmont province. Detailed geologic maps and sections at various scales are provided for many of the significant mines in the accompanying plates.
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