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Spacer ImagePublication 113: Oil and Gas Well Data and Geology for Lee County, Virginia
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J.E. Nolde, 8.5 x 11-inch soft cover book, 13 pages, two plates include two folded 43 x 30-inch (approximate size) color 1:50,000-scale geologic maps, five figures, one table, 1992. Report on the geologic structure and stratigraphy from the Cambrian Rome shale through the Middle Pennsylvanian Harlan Formation in Lee County, Virginia. Overview of the Rose Hill and Ben Hur-Fleenortown oil fields with a discussion of the source and potential migration paths for oil and gas. Geologic maps with major regional structure have oil and gas well locations plotted. Tables on map for oil and gas wells include list of locations with operator and landowner names, elevation, total depth, well result (dry hole, oil well, oil well - plugged and abandoned, gas well, etc.), and producing formation.
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