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Spacer ImagePublication 124: The Valley Coalfield (Mississippian Age) in Montgomery and Pulaski Counties, Virginia
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M.J. Bartholomew, K.L. Brown, 8.5 x 11-inch soft cover book, 33 pages, 2 plates include folded 27.5 x 19-inch black and white 1:100,000-scale geologic map, 16 figures, one table, 1992. Discussion of the structure and stratigraphy for the area containing the coal beds (Langhorne and Merrimac) of the Valley Coalfield. The coal-bearing strata exists in the upper member of the Price Formation on the Saltville thrust sheet and in the Price Mountain window of the Pulaski thrust sheet. Stratigraphy and interpretation of the depositional environments for the Devonian Millboro Formation through the Mississippian Maccrady Formation are included. Appendices contain a reference section for the Price Formation, eleven measured sections for the upper and/or lower member of the Price Formation, six core holes with descriptions through the coal-bearing portion of the Price Formation. Geologic map includes mines and prospects, test wells and core hole locations. Correlation chart of coal measures as separate plate.
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