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Spacer ImageMineral Resources Report 012: Analyses of clay, shale, and related materials -- southern counties
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by P.C. Sweet, 183 pages, 12 figures, 22 county maps with sample locations, 1973. This report (the fifth in a series of five) contains tests and determinations of properties required to evaluate potential ceramic and nonceramic uses of 101 samples of clay, shale, mudstone, slate, phyllite, and schist -- collected from 22 counties in the southern part of Virginia. Done in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Mines, the report includes sample descriptions, characteristics, and evaluations of individual samples and county summaries. Tables that summarize criteria used in evaluating structural clay products, pottery clays, lightweight aggregate clays, and fire clay products; along with description of structural clay products and principal types of pottery are included as 6 appendices.
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